Sunday, 3 July 2011

Google knows "What Do You Love??" -- By TechnoRamayan

So guys As you know , Google has lot of the things to surprise us. This time Google launches new service “What Do You”". So now google guesses what do you love!! isn't it?...

Ok let me introduce you if you do not already know..Google launches his new service (WebSite) named "WhatDoYOuLove." Google launches this service on 28th June , 2011.

Here is the URL ::
ok so what's special in it!! It is basically a search engine same as google.Type A Search term in Google Search Box and Click on adorable heart-shaped button as seen in side.

now when you get search results,there's not only search materials But The search results are then shown across Google’s products. You see Picasa, Sketchup, Translate, Voice, Books, Trends, and YouTube results … all on one page.So we might say Google launches his Multi-Search engine!!.

 Type in Google search Box or enter Search term in address bar after #(pound) sign.Interesting thing here is that you can get all the services of google at one place.I searched INDIA and i get "INDIA IN 3D"(SKETCH UP),"CALL SOMEONE ABOUT INDIA"(VOICE) , INDIA GOOGLE GROUPS , GOOGLE EARTH VIEW IN INDIA , INDIA 'S IMAGES , and tones of other materials ..

i searched myself in there and i found my Pics on google its really nice..

Final Lines :: do you know what is bottom line of this cool search engine...
"Google already knows what you love and it loves to show it. What do you think about it?"

enjoy !!! feel free to comments..and have lovely week

Thanks for reading...

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