Sunday, 31 July 2011

Download Bunch Of Images From Google Image -- By Digital Crop

Hi guys..!!! Today i will share a nice tool with you that download images from Google Images ,Devian Art , And 4Chan...

Till now Google doesn't provide you to download the Google images directly from the page ..
But this small application provides you to download Google images in the bunch of 1000,2000 or even more ...

So let me explain , how you can download images from this rich application named MediaRachNid

Download this 2 MB Portable application from here ...[Download Size -- 2 MB]

OK this application is an  autodownloader application .
you don't need to install it just a click and you will get the dialog like this

i will explain you each term how you can download specific images

here is a screenshot for this..

when you click on the search button it will open a prompt that ask you where you want to save images ... specify the location.. and click ok.... when you click OK it will start fetching the images from the Google And You Will Get Screen Like this ...that 's all done and downloaded images are automatically saved to your specified location

Same way you can also use Devian Art and 4Chan for specific Category wise images

Thanks for reading and please comment if query any....

have a great Weekend bye....

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