Saturday, 25 June 2016

SEEDR.CC - a Service that allows you to download and stream media from torrent files over HTTP - 10/10 bookmarkable

Hi guys ... Hope you all well and enjoying my posting... 

This Post is Specially Written for users who are willing to download everything from torrents whether it could be TV Seasons , movies , or loads of P. but facing issues with seeders , network bandwidth , unwanted uploading stuff on torrent while download.

long back I posted an article about torrific which allows to download  torrents over HTTP. for various reasons it shuts down and new search was started for an alternative. I moved to download torrents via zbigz and zzlbox but i realize they dont care their free users anymore. 

I came across nice site few days back named which provides same service but with loads of features and as of now its the best service to people who download stuffs over torrent

seedr gives you 2.5 gb space immediately with this link and just copy torrent link or upload torrent file to site and you are done. seedr within seconds and sometimes minutes will cache the torrent and present you with streamable , downloadable medias that you can enjoy right away. 

here's some screens you might need to check out what it provides.

enjoy service by seedr.

Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Install Tomcat7 On Windows with Zip Package

Hi guys , you come up here because you are not able to install tomcat7 on Windows with zip package...
I am having the same problem and with some of the reading documentation on i understand what is the real problem....

Tomcat server can be download from here.
Select the file "32-bit Windows zip" Under Core.
A prompt will open which will ask you to Save the file. Save this file under (C:\tomcat\windows) folder or any folder).
File size is 8.05 MB...

2)Set Classpath JAVA_HOME
Go to the bin directory under tomcat home directory and look for catalina.bat. Edit the file and add the JAVA_HOME="Path to jdk or jre". Save and close the file.

 3) now open your command prompt by typing in run "cmd" without ".
traverse to the extracted folder and then into bin...

then type in

"service.bat install" this will install tomcat7 as a service and you will see something like this in command prompt

all done type in tomcat7.exe in cmd and you will see something like this....

Waiting for feedback ..

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Facebook log in page with background photo -- Digital Crop

On daily basis, lot of users open Facebook log in webpage to access their Facebook account and check the latest activity.

One Question To All FB lovers !!!

 Are you bored of usual login webpage?

If This Gives You an answer Yes Then this post is surely for you...

You can easily spice up the login page for Facebook website by adding a cool background photo.

FB Refresh for Facebook login page :: ( Chrome Extension)

Google Chrome users accessing website can easily customize the start page with custom background photo and neatly styled login box in few simple clicks.

Launch Google Chrome browser on your computer. Then open 
 FB Refresh Extension webpage in Chrome browser. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ button for automatic download and install.

Link To Get Extension is here

After install, we need to open FB Refresh options screen to add background photo URL. For this, click Wrench icon at top right and then goto Tools > Extension. Then click Options button under “FB Refresh : Refresh your Facebook login with your own custom design!”

On the options screen, paste or type URL of image that you want to display as background of Facebook login page. Then click Save button to confirm changes. Now goto and see all new style and look of the login page.