Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Install Tomcat7 On Windows with Zip Package

Hi guys , you come up here because you are not able to install tomcat7 on Windows with zip package...
I am having the same problem and with some of the reading documentation on i understand what is the real problem....

Tomcat server can be download from here.
Select the file "32-bit Windows zip" Under Core.
A prompt will open which will ask you to Save the file. Save this file under (C:\tomcat\windows) folder or any folder).
File size is 8.05 MB...

2)Set Classpath JAVA_HOME
Go to the bin directory under tomcat home directory and look for catalina.bat. Edit the file and add the JAVA_HOME="Path to jdk or jre". Save and close the file.

 3) now open your command prompt by typing in run "cmd" without ".
traverse to the extracted folder and then into bin...

then type in

"service.bat install" this will install tomcat7 as a service and you will see something like this in command prompt

all done type in tomcat7.exe in cmd and you will see something like this....

Waiting for feedback ..


  1. I got upto the end but when i closed the window,i could not get the start symbol of tomcat server!
    how can i proceed ?\Please reply soon!

  2. this actually register a service into windows service platforms .. now you have to go to tomcat's bin directory and then open tomcat7.exe to start automatically open tomcat7w.exe and then set the start up mode to automatic... send your reply if you get still problems

    1. Hey it is not getting started ,I have checked its status in Windows Task Manager it is set to "STOPPED" and not getting started,Please give a reply at

  3. in win-vista 32-bit,to set the classpath JAVA_HOME-->when i right-click on the catalina.bat(under bin dir)and click on edit,file opens in the notepad. Now where should i make changes in that file?