Saturday, 23 April 2011

download windows 8 transformation pack

Make Windows 7 look like Windows 8

Windows7 has amazed users with glitzy looks and user interface. Expectations from next version ‘Windows 8′ are high, specially with regard to user interface design While there is still time for Microsoft to release official DOWNLOAD links of  Windows 8 (beta and stable), you can get feel of Windows 8 on your Windows 7 computer using “Windows 8 Transformation Kit”. This free program addon allows you to transform looks of Windows 7 to that of Windows 8 Operating system.

Download Windows 8 Transformation Kit

CAUTION: Before you proceed to download and install Windows 8Transformation Kit,USE DISCRETION while installing and using Windows 8 Transformation Kit to mimic looks of Windows 8 on Windows 7 PC.


  • As seen in screenshots, this transformation pack results in different user interface (as compared to default Windows 7 user interface). It changes number of elements of Windows 7 UI including: 
  • Taskbar UserTile, login screen background and content style of dialog boxes.

Windows 8 Transformation Kit add features of Windows 8 including: Aero Lite,Windows 8 Aero Theme and Aura Beta 2.   DOWNLOAD rar file of WINDOWS 8 TRANFORMATION PACK   from deviantart......AND see how your PC/LAPTOP looks cool with this windows 8..............enjoy with me,vishal.........

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