Saturday, 25 June 2011

Add Google Search Box To Your WebSite -- By Techno Ramayan

Hi!..Today I am gonna tell you how you can add google Search box to your is very easy lets see how it is actually done..
First off, the good news. Google itself actually has a nice page offering you HTML code you can just cut and paste onto your own Web pages to produce the search box you seek, and some variants beside. Just check out Google Free

If you wanted to look at your own custom search then just do that.. It would be nice that you edit the source code so that it suits to your site. Let’s do that

Let me tell you first that to google search engine uses a variable for this search is “sitesearch” . Set it to a null value and you're searching the entire World Wide Web, but set it to a specific domain and it's constrained exactly as if you had typed in the Google special notation site:domain”.

Second, you need an input field and a submit button. Put them all together and here's the minimalist Google search form that lets the user alternate between just your site (well, in this case just my site) or the entire Web:

<form method="get" action="">
<div style="border:1px solid black;padding:4px;width:20em;">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" bordercolor="#FF8040" bgcolor="#FFFF80">
<input type="text"   name="q" size="25"
 maxlength="255" value="" />
<input type="submit" value="Google Search" /></td></tr>
<tr><td align="center" style="font-size:75%">
<input type="checkbox"  name="sitesearch"
value="" checked />search Techno Ramayan Only<br/>
Output will look like this as image

If you'd like to use this on your own site, simply change the occurrences of as appropriate.
If you want that search results open in a new tab/window then just add target=”_blank”
Into FORM tag.
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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Download Torrent Files From internet download manager/web --Techno Ramayan

This amazing tip help you to download torrent files from IDM or web.
lets check out how it will be done!!...

first of all what you need::
1)Good Internet Connection
2)any download manager (Optional)

please read full post otherwise you get something wrong there!

during net surfing i found one website

now goto there and click on login at upper right side..

here i am providing you some username and password
please don't try to change it keep it shared...

 password::  justdustin

password: justdustin

right now it is working if not for you then just comment here or signup at there..

ok after that go to any torrent site and copy .torrent address

then just paste it into search box of
click get and if it is available then you get link at right side
if not then you get button named "initiate bittorrent transmission" click on it and then visit torrific after sometime
you can check the files you wanted to download 

thats it , your download manager or web automatically downloads it when you clicked on it

if you get problems in downloading it then comment here i will surely reply..
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Recently there are some fraud cases happened with it(torrific) .. yes because of premium accounts
 but i know i am a good googler and i find another site that will do the job in same manner ... .. is a site that is an alternative to it..
i am giving you one account but please make it sharable to all and do not change the password..
email :
password : vishal




Saturday, 11 June 2011

Microsoft Download Manger -- COOL & LIGHT IDM BY MICROSOFT --Techno Ramayan

Hi guys! You may use Internet Download Manager,Accelerator Plus (DAP),Free download manager, FlashGot very frequently to download from Internet but now is the time to try something different and cool download option.

The Microsoft Download Manager enables you to download files simply and easily. It also makes downloading large files such as application and multimedia files quick and reliable.

Microsoft Download Manager is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that you may use to download files from the Internet. There are no complicated settings to configure and all you need to do is paste the file URL to begin the download process.

It can run minimized in the system tray and pops-up a unobtrusive notification every time a file download is complete or if the program has trouble downloading a particular file.


Microsoft Download Manager is compatible with all recent versions of Windows including XP, Vista and Windows 7.


it does support downloading of files that require authentication. It was originally designed to help users download files from Microsoft sites but there’s nothing stopping you from using this program with any other site.

Advantage and DisAdvantage:

The software can only handle files that are served over the HTTP protocol (no FTP) but it does support downloading of files that require authentication.

Download links::>>

microsoft link to download MDM-official link

SoftPedia link to download MDM

Guys enjoy downloading with MICROSOFT DOWNLOAD MANAGER & keep visiting
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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

FACEBOOK's LIKE and GOOGLE'S +1 button are same -- by techno Ramayan

Hi guys..!!!!  Yes,you listen it right
if you are regularly surfing on the net then you might have noticed this button that is introduced recently by google....
The +1 button is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" 
or "you should check this out."

it is same as facebook's LIKE button.

where is +1 button:

Your +1’s are stored in a new tab on your Google profile. You can show your +1’s tab to the world, or keep it private and just use it to personally manage the ever-expanding record of things you love around the web. 

by introduction of google's +1 button , you may said that  
Now searching became socialized.

Actually this button is very helpful for webmasters who develops site.every visitor of the site visits the page, if he/she likes then just click on +1 button
now when other visitors,friends,mates visits the same site then they can see your clicked +1 which is
same as you like in facebook
it may also similiar to twitter's one click follow button.

you may click on for more info on +1 button.

this button is already added on Blogger and may also find it on wordpress,mashable,zimboora and other websites.

you can also see it on my blog here.....

feel free to comments..keep visiting. 

and now from today you can also see the search results into search results just see this screenshots so keep googling keep liking oh.....sorry keep +1ing........

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Recycle bin for Pendrive -- techno Ramayan

USB DRIVE is the easiest way to carry data from one pc to another.

Whenever we delete something from a USB flash drive or pendrive, it never goes to system's recycle bin.

This feature is very annoying when we accidently delete something from pendrive.

Now here is solution for this problem. You can use IBIN, an application which creates a portable Recycle Bin on your USB flash drive.

whenever you delete something on your USB drive it will give you an option Dump into Bin.

Later, when you need to recover or permanent delete any file then just right click on iBin tray icon and click on Dumping Management.

Here you have options for restore and for permanently delete.
It is free to download.

softpedia link to download IBIN..(ZIP FILE)

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